Flood Risk Assessment (FRA’s), Sustainable Drainage (SUDS) and Flood Strategies




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We provide a range of assessments and strategies tailored to your individual needs and my clients include planning consultants, architects, developers, land owners and individual house holders.


Flood Risk Assessments

Our Flood Risk Assessments are undertaken in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and can include a simple comment on the possible method of foul and surface water disposal or, alternatively, an additional Outline Sustainable Drainage Strategy.


Sustainable Drainage

For some developments the Lead Local Flood Authority will expect drainage information for the site and we can include within the Flood Risk Assessment an Outline Sustainable Drainage Strategy. This will be an indicative strategy suitable for a planning application and will be based on calculations using a software tool developed by HR Wallingford to demonstrate the existing greenfield runoff rate; an appropriate surface water discharge rate: point of discharge and corresponding storage requirements.


Flood Evacuation Plans


If required by the Environment Agency or Emergency Planners we can produce a Flood Management and Evacuation Plan.


Policy and Consents

We can provide advice on general flood risk policy and undertake the Land Drainage Consent and Environmental Permitting Regulations applications with the Environment Agency, Lead Local Flood Authority and Internal Drainage Board.


Due Diligence

At the earliest stages of your project, our Due Diligence Report will help inform your investment decisions


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