Flood modelling, hydrological analysis, water resource modelling & planning.

We develop and utilise river models for a variety of applications. We are experienced in the use of Flood Modeller, HEC-RAS, TUFLOW and linked 1D-2D modelling solutions (Flood Modeller-TUFLOW/ESTRY-TUFLOW) in modelling studies of all scales.


Our expertise and technical capability allows us to develop robust models from first principles or to utilise existing models from previous studies, following review and neccesary improvements.


We specialise in modelling complex scenarios and assist in troubleshooting model performance issues for a wide range of client organisations. Our knowledge of the fundamental equations at the heart of hydraulic modelling and their application within relevant software solutions enables us to develop robust, reliable models that suitably represent mechanisms of flooding within the study area.


We aim to add value and increase efficiency within the scope of project work wherever possible, focussing on comprehensive data review and project specification when commencing studies. This guides the approach taken and data used in studies and the specification for model output from studies. Where appropriate we guide client organisations in specifying output from modelling studies to ensure that the format in which output is provided is effective, convenient and fit for purpose bearing in mind project aims and targeted end users.

We have undertaken modelling studies for the following applications:

  • Floodplain mapping (extent mapping/hazard mapping/velocity depth mapping)

  • Flood map improvements and challenges

  • Calibration studies

  • Flood Warning Area (including First Property to Flood) studies

  • Design flood modelling used for informing Flood Risk Assessment studies

  • Simulating breach of coastal and fluvial defences

  • Simulating overtopping of coastal and fluvial defences

  • Dam breach inundation assessment

  • Flood defence project appraisals

  • Gauging station rating improvement

  • Benchmarking flood forecasting models

Technical capability

  • Flood Modeller Professional by CH2M HILL with unlimited nodes licensing

  • TUFLOW 2D licensing (multi-2D domains)

  • Flood Modeller-TUFLOW link


  • MapInfo GIS and ArcGIS compatible systems for model schematisation, floodplain mapping and processing of model output

  • Through our partner organisations we have access to photogrammetry services for production of surface TIN models of dams, other asset structures or floodplain topograph

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